Monday, May 27, 2013

Image Search Optimization (ISO) Image

Image Search Optimization (ISO) Image

Image Search Optimization (ISO) is related to On Page SEO. Perhaps some people will wonder why searching for a photograph, cartoon, Logo, banner, diagram is important for your website. Many image searches lead directly to people accessing the website where from the image originates.

First, We need to select  your images wisely. There are no seating rules for choosing images, but you have to bear in mind several factors.
At first, The image suitable for your viewers? Take into consideration your likely customer and fan base, plus rules and restrictions on content. Adult content, for example, is not for everyone. Secondly, check whether you have the legal right to use the image. If you are not using the image in a commercial sense, you may be all right. As like Google’s Advanced Image Search, allows you to filter out images that cannot be reused. If the image will be used commercially, then you can filter in only images that are labeled for commercial reuse. Thirdly, consider the story the picture is telling. Does this picture accurately reflect the content of your web page? Furthermore, does it look right when compared to the background, the website’s layout and other aesthetic features?
When you add an image to your page, you might be presented with a box like this. ISO is far simpler than SEO. In order to optimize your image you need to Provide a link URL to your photo. The best options are either by first putting your photo on a social photo sharing network like Flickr or by linking back to where you go the image from.
(a) Add a few relevant tags to the image.
(b) Add a brief description of the image and how it relates to the content in the article.

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